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We are glad to welcome you on the site of  Design Bureau for Shipbuilding  “Vympel”. Within the space of 80 years  more than 6500 ships and floating engineering constructions were built according to the projects of the DB “Vympel”. The DB “Vympel” is situated in  Nizhniy Novgorod, one of the largest shipbuilding centers in Russia,  and specialized on design and technical support of shipbuilding of various class and purpose, namely:

  • icebreakers and arctic vessels
  • tankers for carriage of oil, oil products and chemicals;
  • multi-purpose dray cargo transport ships;
  • railway and car/passenger ferries;
  • floating facilities for shelf development;
  • passenger ships and air-cushion vessels;
  • technical service ships;
  • auxiliary and special-purpose vessels for the Navy;
  • nuclear technology maintenance vessels;
  • research vessels;
  • bridge-ferrying facilities for the demands of the RF Ministry of Defense and floating bridges.
  • Our specialists broadly use modern technologies of three-dimensional design on the basis of AVEVA Marine, Tribon, Nupas Cadmatic systems, providing parallel development of a three-dimensional model in real time for all marine specializations.

    The OJSC DB “Vympel” is almost the one design organization that has its own model testing facility and testing tank (50m length), equipped with modern calculating system and service programs for hydrodynamic testing of self-propelled and non-propelled ship models and processing results during the experiment time

    Connecting the best design strength and experience DB “Vympel” takes an active part in various national and foreign projects.

    General Director - VYACHESLAV V. SHATALOV